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Depending on your nationality or purpose of your visit, it may be necessary to issue a visa that allows you to enter the Dominican territory. A visa is a conditional authorization granted by a country to a foreign citizen to enter and temporarily stay in that country.

Chinese Citizens require a visa to enter the Dominican Republic; 

For other types of visas, in this section you will find the necessary information to complete the process; please select the one that corresponds with the purpose of your visit.

Tourist Visa

The Dominican Republic is a country open to the world. All our natural beauties, our history, investment and business opportunities, as well as the warmth of our citizens, invite people from all countries to visit us and enjoy a charming island full of opportunities.

Tourism visas are granted for tourist, cultural trips, attendance at congresses or conventions. They will be valid for 60 days and will be valid for a single entry or for multiple entries. The beneficiaries can not perform lucrative activities in Dominican territory.
All citizens of the world can apply for a Tourism Visa for the Dominican Republic at the Dominican consular offices.

Diplomatic, Official, Courtesy Visa

Diplomatic visas are granted to members and families of diplomatic and consular missions, including members of international organizations.

Official visas are granted to government officials and / or international organizations and their families who are holders of official passports traveling to the country on an individual basis or an official matter.

Courtesy visas are granted at the request of a foreign Government Institution or multilateral organizations to certain officers and their families who travel to the country with ordinary passports.

Business Visa for employment purposes

Business visas are issued for work purposes to those who by nature of their occupation will remain in the Dominican Republic for a year without necessarily having to leave the country. This visa is usually awarded to individuals who are fulfilling fixed-term contracts in public or private companies established in the country and may be renewed for further periods of one year while the employment contract is still valid. Beneficiaries of this visa can apply for driver's license, open a bank account and enjoy applicable customs facilities.

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