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Agricultural Trade Union and Dominican Republic join forces to help avocado and other high-quality agricultural products export to China

Agricultural Trade Union and Dominican Republic join forces to help avocado and other high-quality agricultural products export to China

SOURCE: http://www.wuwm-aprg.org/index.php?c=content&a=show&id=825 (Chinese)

       (Xi Zijun, International Department of CAWA website) On June 17, Ma Zengjun, president of the National Association of Urban Farming Centers ("Agricultural Trade Union") and Dominican Ambassador to China, Mr. Briunny Garabito Segura, held a meeting, and the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on Dominican avocado export to China and subsequent cooperation matters. Mr. Carlino Gonzalez Garcia, Counsellor of the Dominican Embassy, ​​and Xi Zijun, International Department of the Agricultural Trade Union attended the meeting.

       Ambassador Garabito said that the Dominican Republic has established diplomatic relations with China for two years and the two countries have reached relevant agreements on the entry of Dominican agricultural products into China. At present, Dominican Haas avocado has been allowed to enter the Chinese market. At the same time, Dominican Republic is also stepping up contact with relevant Chinese enterprises and organizations to understand the Chinese market and prepare for the entry of subsequent products. Ambassador Garabito hopes to work closely with the Agricultural Trade Union, through the support and help of the Agricultural Trade Union, to successfully introduce Dominican avocado into the Chinese market. In addition to avocado, Dominican Republic also hopes to promote the process of admitting pineapple, mango, cocoa and other agricultural products to China.

       Chairman Ma Zengjun thanked the Dominican Ambassador for his introduction and introduced the basic situation of the Agricultural Trade Union. Chairman Ma Zengjun said that due to the epidemic this year, the offline trade matching activities organized by the Agricultural Trade Union have decreased. The Agricultural Trade Union has held many important conferences and events over the years, such as the Asia-Pacific Wholesale Market Conference and China International Agricultural Products Trade Matchmaking Conference, etc., to organize domestic buyers and importers to connect with export distributors in related countries. This year, the epidemic has affected the agricultural industry in China and other countries in the world, but the agricultural product matching activities have not stopped. At present, the Agricultural Trade Union is docking projects with relevant agricultural product institutions in Korea, Malaysia and other countries. As far as Dominican avocados are concerned, we should understand the differences and advantages of Dominican avocados compared with other countries, as well as the season of fruit launch. This visit is also focused on preparing the Dominican avocado to enter China after the economy is gradually liberalized. Chairman Ma Zengjun suggested that we can help Chinese importers to connect with Dominican suppliers through online docking, so that after the epidemic has eased, Dominican agricultural products can enter the Chinese market faster.

       Ambassador Garabito expressed high agreement with Chairman Ma Zengjun’s suggestion and expressed the hope that through the talks, he could gain a deeper understanding of the Agricultural Trade Union, and with the help of the Agricultural Trade Union, maximize the connection between Chinese importers and Dominican exporters. Dominican avocado is very popular in Europe and the United States. The avocado harvest season is indeed very important. Dominican Republic will further arrange the time for the avocado to go on the market to avoid coincidence with the time when other countries' avocado enters China. At the same time, Ambassador Garabito said he was very interested in other activities introduced by Chairman Ma Zengjun and hoped to cooperate with the Agricultural Trade Union as soon as possible to promote the development of bilateral agricultural trade between China and the Dominican Republic.

       Chairman Ma Zengjun suggested that in addition to cooperation with the Agricultural Trade Union, it is also possible to strengthen communication with the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association to help Dominican agricultural products enter the Chinese market. In addition, the China International Import Expo held in Shanghai, China, provides a good opportunity for agricultural products from all over the world to enter China. There is a potential demand for importing high-quality agricultural products from the Chinese market.

      The two sides also held friendly talks on the docking of the 2020 Shanghai World Expo, the inspection after the epidemic, and the cooperation between the Agricultural Trade Union and relevant Dominican associations and organizations. It is hoped that with the joint efforts of both parties, the bilateral agricultural trade Great progress has been made.

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